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Beneath the noise and circus atmosphere of Las Vegas entertainment, there is a quiet secret, waiting to be privately unlocked in the privacy of your hotel room. Hiring Las Vegas strippers, hot escorts, exotic dancers, or an in room massage, means with us, you know in advance what kind of fun to expect. Going out to a club is an adventure, but you don't really know in advance if you will get the strippers attention you crave or the experience you want. Take it from us, we'll give you all the attention and Las Vegas Escorts fun experiences you crave!

We are sure, when you select our girls, you'll know everything they enjoy, and if they will do everything you would like, in advance. One of the reasons our services stand out from the rest of the Las Vegas strippers in town, is because we are well established, and professional, and we know what's hot. Our main objective is to earn your trust and develop a relationship with you as a returning customer. Giving you their very best, every visit, ensures that with the girls in our Las Vegas escorts selection, you are pleased with our service and that you will call our sexy escorts again.

Our Escorts Love To Go Out

If you don't want to miss the opportunity to get to know one of our hot escorts a little better before retiring to your hotel room, take her to a business celebration, dinner with the guys, or for a night at the casino. She'll love you a little or a lot, depending on where you want to draw the line in public. Seeing the amazing sites of Las Vegas, accompanied by a gorgeous, sexy escort will enhance your memories of the Las Vegas nightlife experiences, and they'll last forever.

You get to pick "sassy" or "adoring", or do you prefer a fiery hot redhead, leggy blonde, or dark and mysterious brunette? Pick you fantasy pair of hot escorts. The combinations are as unlimited as your wild imagination. You know, with Sin City Strippers, you don't have to pick just one, select a pair or more of your very favorite Las Vegas strippers to go out and party with you. Once you have set up your reservation for a day or night of fun, you can anticipate being the center of attention. You work hard, you keep the wheels turning all year long, we understand, it's time for some sweet rewards, time to enjoy some sexy, hot rewards with our sexy escorts.

What Our Strippers Can Do

We'll send our girls direct to you, whatever hotel you are staying at, MGM, The Venetian, perhaps Caesar's Palace or the Four Seasons, no matter - you pick the party, and you pick the venue. What would you like, a private party, do you want to spring a surprise birthday fun night, with Las Vegas Strippers, on your best friend? Or do you prefer to kick back with a few Las Vegas strippers on your own time? Our exceptional Sin City Strippers are an uncommon bunch of gals. They are constantly working on fresh and playful new routines, exotic and sexy little costumes with the most alluring high heels.

Escorts of Las Vegas

When our naughty little Las Vegas strippers arrive at your place, you know immediately that this is more than a job to them, their attitudes and alluring body language, the playful light in their eyes, it is a telltale hint that they put a lot of effort into preparing for their adventurous time with you. These sweet girls pay attention to every detail, and seek to surprise and delight you with their skill and agility.

They Are Prepared - but are You? When Our Girls Arrive to Your Hotel Room to Perform an In Room Massage...

I'm just saying, you think you know what you are in for, it's been your fantasy since puberty to get a sexy massage from a beautiful, busty girl. It's not going to be what you think. The moment you get naked, you suddenly become aware that this is real, you realize you are in for the some of the most exotic, physically restorative sensations of your life. Nuru massage is a Japanese technique used in the bath houses of Japan for centuries. The Nuru gel is the slipperiest lubricating, all natural massage oil available today. It is heated to a comfortable temperature, then generously slathered onto your naked body, and all over your fully naked masseuse!

This full-body, exotic Nuru massage is an experience that will draw you into a full-on luxurious journey of delights and deep responses, assuring your arrival to a glorious happy ending. Your Nuru masseuse will bring all the amenities of aromas, lighting, and soothing sounds needed for your Las Vegas massage, right to your hotel room.

Las Vegas StrippersGirls Who Want To Strip

Just like the way every girl on the planet is different, with every stripper, she's going to give you a different experience too. To set this off in an even more unbelievable direction, the more strippers you add to the mix, the more you are about to experience surprises, tantalizing talents, and the further they will take you.

It's as if these sexy strippers spur each other on to higher adventures, and here you are, kicking back, enjoying the whole game, in real life. Suddenly, you understand why they brought the toys along. There's nothing hotter than Sin City strippers when they are in the mood to play. You'll have to agree. Women who love to strip for men are so much fun! It's Time for the Experience of Your Lives!

Awesome Las Vegas Lesbians

Yes it's true, women who love to strip for men are all kinds of fun!  Then there's that added value, when you get a bunch of Las Vegas strippers together who truly enjoy each other. The fun is real, and then it gets down to serious fun time, when they really start enjoying each other, all the way! If you think about it, very few men, or women get to see what you are about to see in real life. The truth is, people can watch this kind of sexy fun on television or in movies a hundred times, but they never get the benefits of what it's really like to be there, right there, in your own hotel room.

It's like no other experience, watching all these sweet women having a good time together. Especially when an unexpected event might occur, it's a guarantee you'll see some things you never thought you would. There is something inside you that will stir deeply as you watch these hotties get playful together. Like when they forget you are even in the room, or - they keep watching you - watching them. There is nothing more erotic than getting everything you paid for and more! Ahh, that unbelievable Las Vegas nightlife.

First Time with Las Vegas Strippers?

All that matters to our girls is how to give you the time of your life. They'll want to know what you like, yet if you've never been to a bachelor party or spent time with a Las Vegas stripper girl, or any kind of stripper, you'll truly enjoy letting the girls take the lead and show you a few things. Once you get started, it's a guarantee you will get a few ideas of your own. The thing is, these beautiful women are so easy to be with, so much fun to talk to, there isn't a chance that you won't have the best time of your life with our sexy escorts.

Here's a little secret, most of the girls you'll meet when you call us, are excited when they get a first time stripper date. If you want to experience everything that Sin City Strippers have to offer, let them show you all the most fun places to visit in town. You'll relax to the point that you can't figure out why you were nervous in the first place. Then when you've had some time to get to know each other, and the desire strikes that you are ready to spend some alone time with her in your hotel room, you won't have to ask her twice. She's most likely been thinking about a hot Nuru massage with you too! If you prefer to start out slowly, she'll take your cues when to go slow, and when you are ready to heat it up. 

More Than Las Vegas Escorts...

Yes, it's true, when it comes to their private stripping and lap dances, these are the most skilled and best performers in town. The thing is, they have so many other skills that will surprise you. If you are the quiet type and just want to chill in your hotel room it won't take your date long to suggest the perfect video you'll love, a drink or two, some room service, and candle light and things will warm up quickly. She might surprise you with a playful pillow fight, suggest a board game, or some sexy strip poker game, the next thing you know you'll find you  have options like a crazy sexy Nuru massage, or she'll blow your mind with an incredibly private strip routine, specifically performed with your pleasures in mind.

On the other hand, if you want to take your lady out into the Las Vegas Nightlife and show her off, she'll know all the great places to go, where you can do the things you enjoy in the company of a Hot Escort. It won't take you long to realize she will truly be your best girlfriend for the night. Our girls love to dine in fashion, or stop at a local pub where the food is delicious. Count on our girls direct to you to know the best places to eat, and drink, and who's got the best entertainment in town this week. Do you want a kittenish, attentive companion, or do your prefer she is quiet and subtle with her affection? The best thing about our Las Vegas Escorts is they have true versatility. They are first and foremost, Sexy Escorts all the way, no doubt, but they can all anticipate if the situation is formal, casual or just a party all the way.

Party With Vegas Escorts?

It's not unusual for dates to start off so well that you may start thinking if your work friends were to join you and your hot date, and if she were to call some of her Sexy Escorts girls to join you all at a casino or even at your hotel room,  it would intensify the party atmosphere. In fact, knowing what her friends like to do, she'll probably offer to help you set up the room so she and your room full of Las Vegas strippers will have plenty of room to perform for your group of friends. The night's still young, why not? 

Vegas Escorts AlishaThe Best Sin City Strippers

You might have to move some furniture around, put some sheets on the floor and maybe pillows. Add some chairs for lap dances, and an area for some really hot dance moves as they all strip for you. If you talk to her about party games and the type of music your friends like, her Sin City stripper friends will bring lotions, and candles, some toys and probably a few surprises. After Date or Two You'll Start Thinking of Match-making some of Your Friends Just so you can Plan a Few Bachelor Parties!

They say "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas", but let's face it, every male over the age of 12 years old is aware that Las Vegas is where you go for a sensational bachelor party. Once you've experienced an In Room Massage, dated a few of our exciting Las Vegas Escorts, you wouldn't think about planning a bachelor party without including some of our Las Vegas strippers to show your friends a great time. 

No matter what else is going on in your life, you know you can count on us to get our girls direct to you, and our Hot Escorts will light up the town for your friends and the best man. Every time they lean over to tell you how sexy these hot escorts are, you can give them a knowing look and say, wait until we get back to the hotel room! You will have no doubt that our girls are the best, and your friends will never forget these Las Vegas strippers.

All Kinds Of Las Vegas Escorts

You get to see all of our Sin City Strippers and learn about their specialties on our website before you call to set up a date or invite some of our Las Vegas escorts to join your bachelor party, business event or enjoy the nightlife while your are in town. Many of our clients are high level entertainment promoters who see the allure of our beautiful, intelligent and exotic girls as an asset to their work in town. Our competitors just cannot compete with the level of talent, excellent skills, and impressive range of beauty our professional group of sexy escorts possess. What you'll end up with is a bachelor party to beat all bachelor parties, and your friends will thank you from the bottom of their hearts.

We have hand picked every one of our Las Vegas Escorts for their beauty, range of enthusiasm, sense of adventure, and the ability to appropriately blend in with any scenario or event. We are proud of our entire group because they are an exceptional group of stars who can be professional and interesting during a business dinner, energetic and challenging in a casino and more sensual and alluring than most men can imagine either in a group, or during a private Las Vegas Massage.

Hot Entertaining Vegas Escorts

Perhaps you are a Guest at a Private Villa, and you'd like some of our ladies to help you to host your business associates, or friends at a pool party. Have you seen our girls? Having a few of them dressed in bikinis would, without a doubt, be an unforgettable event for your guests.  Perhaps having them stay after the party to spend some time with you would be an unforgettable event for you! That's the thing about our hot escorts, they'll be hot at the pool all day, and they'll be even hotter after the party guests have all gone home.

Incredible Nuru Massage Girls

No doubt, after all that hot sun, your body could use a soothing oil massage. Perhaps an intimate Nuru massage will end your day with perfection. Whether you ask only one of your hired strippers to stay a while or maybe two of your very favorites, your night could have an unforgettable outcome. Part of the fun is knowing, if you prearranged an after party, that the very women who have been setting your friends on fire at the pool all afternoon, will be lighting your fire later tonight.

It's So True that Most of Our Hot Escorts are Game for Anything but They Have Some Limits. It's understandable that some of our girls may be very open and demonstrative while they are stripping for you privately, or in a prearranged group, but some of them just do not want their pictures taken while they are involved in their work. Also, whether some of them are Las Vegas Lesbians or not, they often enjoy getting intimate with each other, for your enjoyments as well as theirs. Some of our ladies are all about the men, though, and do not party with each other. 

The best plan is to talk about what you want and need in advance, while you are setting up the date. Include questions like what is the difference between a Nuru massage and a Las Vegas Massage. Discuss all your questions, and don't be shy about choosing one of our sexy escorts over another because they all have the same motives at heart, to make sure you enjoy your time in Las Vegas beyond your wildest dreams. That is the heart of our business and the goal of each one of our dream girls.

Our Las Vegas Escorts Will Get You There! 

You've taken time to look them over, learned about their differences, physically and in their personalities. You have an idea if you want an exciting on the town kind of adventure in Las Vegas, or if you're in the mood for a quiet, slow, sexy, and intimate encounter in your hotel room. You know many of the girls you favor will even be excited to mix some of both. You've thought long and hard about if you want just one of these beauties to strip for you, or more than one.

It's time to decide what kind of a party you want and if tonight's the night, call and set it all up. The sooner you call the best chance you have of getting everything you are dreaming of. Just pick up the phone, give us a call. The voice you get on the other end will be surprisingly cooperative and motivated to connect you with what you are looking for. You will be amazed at how easy it is to create the night to top all nights. With just a few words, you are on your way to an exotic experience. Simple as that, pick up the phone and we send the girls direct to you.


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