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There are things that you do in this life that you have to seriously think through. Choosing your next Las Vegas escort is one of them. It's not that you wouldn't be just fine with any escort; all Las Vegas escorts are totally amazing and know what they are doing on dates and what not. No, the decision is important because the type of girl that you choose is going to help determine exactly what kind of date you have. You wouldn't choose a party girl for a wedding, and you wouldn't choose a shy girl for a bachelor party. Now, most girls aren't going to be found on those extremeness, but you know what I'm saying. My name is Ushi and I feel that I fall perfectly in the middle of those extremes.  

How? Well, I look like the girl next door. I could be the perfect guest at your friend’s wedding, or maybe to a reunion you have been dreading. Maybe one of your family members is having a dinner in Vegas or your business trip is going to be high pressure and you need to impress. I can be the good girl next door or the sultry seductress who makes all of your colleagues jealous, easily. If you are hosting a bachelor party, I can become the party girl you have always wanted. I can even bring some of my best gal pals and really make a party of it.  

The best part? I can be all of that for men, but I can always be it for women and couples. That's right. I go on dates with men, women and couples. I love being able to meet people of all walks of life and that includes beautiful women in need of a little TLC. Don’t be shy women! It's okay if you have always wanted to play with another girl, and I will totally ease you into the whole thing. Once you feel lady on lady skin there is no going back. So couples beware, I will steal your lady. Just kidding. I will just make your lives amazing while you are in my city and you will never, ever find another one like me!