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Welcome to my profile! My name is Sam. I am a gorgeous Las Vegas escort with honey hair with amazing sensual eyes that can't wait to stare into yours. I am all about making real connections on my dates. I may be your enlisted escort, but that does not mean that I can't really get to know you while we are out on the town. It's that kind of commitment to my clients that gets me so many repeat customers! Take it from my ratings and reviews, I am the highest regarded woman that you will find on this site, period. No offense to the other girls or anything, I'm just the best of the best.  


When men come to Vegas they are looking for a certain type of experience. It's my job to cater our date to whatever it is that you want to do. If that means going out and being king, so be it. It might also mean staying in and having a little intimate time alone. Whatever floats your boat works for me. I assume if you are looking to use a Vegas escorts girl you are looking for a certain kind of experience that a regular date can't get you, and I want to fulfill that. Obviously you are paying for this experience, so you should get what you pay for, which as I mentioned before is the best.  


If you are feeling shy about having an escort, call me and let’s make our first date happen one on one in your hotel room. We can really get to know each other that way and the next time you are in town we can go out and do something more fun. Or if you want to rip the bandaid off, we can just go out and party! Either way you should give me a call the next time you are in need of Las Vegas escort services! There will not be a second of our date that you regret and I promise if you take me out on the town I will make your evening everything you could have ever dreamed it to be. Call me now!