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It’s a perfect night in the sin city. There are tons of people all around here from all corners of the globe to enjoy the one and only city of lights. We sit on the outdoor patio of one of the strips premier restaurants, staring out into the sea of people. We look to the right and see the Bellagio’s fountain show going off. The food is so delicious that we both clean our plates and want more. We have ordered the finest wine and are feeling a little light headed, making the allure of dessert even more promising. We get our chocolate cake and eat it too, sharing a single piece between the two of us. Others stare in amazement, wondering how two people could be so happy. How you could have gotten such a beautiful woman. As we finish a cool breeze blows my hair out of my face and you see me in the candlelight, the perfect date, and you wonder how you could have ever gotten so lucky.


My name is Danielle, and if you choose me to be your Las Vegas escort you will feel like the luckiest man in the world. Probably because, in some respects, you are. I am a gorgeous model with blonde hair and light eyes that will not go out on dates with just anyone. I am very selective about the men that I date, meaning if you want to go out with me I have to see some ID first. You get to know what I look like, it’s only fair that I know what you look like, too!


Once you pass my little screening I can make all of your wildest dreams come true. Whether you want to be admired by people on the strip or you want to stay in your hotel and really get to know each other in a more intimate way, I will be that girl. I’m the trophy gal, one to be appreciated and showered with gifts and treats, not to be treated like common droll. I want you to want me and the second you see me, you will. If you think you are man enough for the challenge of using me as your escort girl give me a call today and get your best photo ready. Maybe I’ll see you on the patio yet.