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Hey there hottie, are you ready to party? My name is Wendy. I'm a wild and crazy party girl from Florida who moved to the sin city to relearn what it means to be a wild child. I have long wavy hair and great deep eyes and my ass is the nicest thing you will ever see. Period. Like, I work so hard on my ass it is not even funny. That is probably one of the only things I work really hard at, because well, let's face it; party girls don't really work hard at all! We party! Duh! 

If you are coming to Las Vegas for a bachelor party and need Vegas escorts to help make the whole thing a real blast, I'm your gal. Not only can I single-handedly make a party the most amazing thing you have ever experienced, I can actually get together the best possible combination of women that you will ever have in one room ever, period. That's because I know which of these Las Vegas Escorts VIP are really party girls and which ones just have really clever profiles! That's right, I will get my girls together and you can get your guys together and together we can wreck Vegas together! 

I don't do dates with girls, sorry ladies. Just not loving on the lady lumps. I also don't do couples, because, well, I just don't see the point. You already have each other and you are probably boring, no offense or anything. Just that most couples are so settled that even when they try and shake things up it doesn't really work and the whole thing just winds up being kind of sad. I do however love to go on dates with multiple guys and entertain whole parties by myself. I'm so good at that! I love being the center of attention! If you really want to have a great time with me then bring tons of booze and really just let loose because that is the best way to have a great time. If I sound like your kind of girl then give me a call and we can party, party, party!