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Since when do guys come to the sin city for family vacations? The Las Vegas I know and love has never been the home of family fun; who wants to sin with their kids? If you have come to Las Vegas for the right reason, hell, the only reason, then you are going to need a hot partner in crime. That’s where I come in. My name is Carmen. I am a sexy Las Vegas escort with dark hair and dark eyes and the best perky tits you are ever going to find on a woman as adventurous and free spirited as me.


I believe that in life, you should have no reservations. That includes restaurants, hotels, whatever other things you might have to make some kind of reservations for. There is no time for that. As your personal Vegas escort I will show you the true meaning of the word fun. We are going to live our lives without borders, at least for this date. Whether we stick to the strip or really go out on a limb I have no doubt that if you choose me to be your Las Vegas escorts girl you are going to have an experience that cannot be topped by anyone, anywhere, period.


Some guys think I come on a little strong, and that’s fine. Don’t ask me on a date. You have full control over who your escort services come from and if I am not the girl for you, I’m just not. I’m not here to please everyone. A lot of girls try and make blanket personalities so that more guys will date them, and I get that from a monetary standpoint, but my life is too short to be wasted on men who can’t handle me. I’m sorry if that is a little rough, guys, but it’s how I feel. So if you think you are up to the task of letting go and having a crazy wild good time with me while you are in Las Vegas, give me a call. We can make memories that we may not even remember!