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Everyone knows that Vegas is a place where you party all night and sleep all day, but have you really experienced Vegas? I mean really got to see the best shows and all the most happening hotspots. If I am your Vegas escort you will get to see the Vegas that you thought was only a dream. It’s fun to dance at the clubs or try your hand at gambling, but the real fun in Vegas is having a smoking hot girl with you who does everything in her power to make you happy. I am not a Las Vegas escort because of the money or getting to work in the greatest city in the world. I am a Las Vegas escort because I like to make you happy and if you call me, you are guaranteed to go home happier than ever. My name is Alisha. I am a cute and bubbly type of person and I can be kind of girly sometimes. . I might be girly, but I get along with guys really well. It helps that I like to rub my boobs up against them and pull their body up against mine. I like my boobs and guys seem to like them a lot as well. The other feature about me that I like is my legs. They are strong and tone from working out and they are really soft. You have to touch them for yourself or you will never believe how soft they are.  I am still young, but I have been in Las Vegas long enough to know what men want to see and experience when they come here. They don’t want just another girl off the street to hang out with them. You want a girl with class and charisma who doesn’t just look good, she makes you look good when she’s with you. Close your eyes and think about the ultimate girlfriend who is by your side in Las Vegas. You want a girlfriend who makes it her top priority to make you content and turn you on. I hope that I am that girl that you are picturing because I sure want to be. Just call the number and ask for me. I can’t wait to be with you.