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Hey! Welcome to my profile! My name is Alyssa. I am a bubbly girl with black hair and deep eyes who can’t wait to show you around Las Vegas! I would absolutely love to be your escort the next time you are in the sin city. We can do whatever it is you like and I promise we will have an absolute ball doing it! There are tons of girls to choose from when it comes to escort services, but I can guarantee you that there is no other girl out there quite like me. I am just so excited about life! Everything is amazing and I love meeting new people and sharing my enthusiasm and joy with them. I guess the only reason you wouldn’t want me as your Las Vegas Escort is because you don’t like happy people!


On our date we can do whatever you like. We can go out and have fun gambling in the casinos, maybe win a little money, or we can go out to dinner and pig out on all of the delicious food that Las Vegas has to offer. Some guys have this weird idea that escort girls don’t eat food, but like, how does that make any sense? Escorts are people too! And there is no better way to get to know a guy than over a delicious plate of food and some cool refreshing drinks. Seriously! Feed your escorts!


If you don’t like to go out I do in dates, too. Room service at pretty much any hotel is going to be amazing, on par with some of the best restaurants in Vegas, hands down.  That and if we stay in we can watch Pay per view or play board games or have a pillow fight, whatever you want to do! I am here for you! I can even give one of my world famous back rubs, if you are feeling a little tense. No matter what our date looks like, I really hope you pick me to be your Las Vegas Escorts VIP girl! I promise it will be a blast and you will never have a better time with another girl out here, period!