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My name is Zoey and I just can't wait to rock your world. It's time for you to quit wading through the crap that's out there and get with the best Las Vegas escort that money can buy; me! I'm not child's play. I'm the real deal. 100% woman, ready to have whatever kind of date you want to have in the most professional and enjoyable manner that you will ever experience. Men love my blonde colored hair and my big beautiful almond eyes, but they love my body even more. I'm like a living Marilyn Monroe. I've got all of the best curves and bends in all of the best places and you are going to have a ball just looking at the hills my body creates.  

When I take guys out in my town I have a reputation to uphold. I'm well known in the community for my escort services as well as my other pursuits and there is no reason to embarrass myself. If you feel that you might be one of those cases, please don't apply. I don't need messy boys ruining my night. I love to go on dates with real men, men who know what they want and aren't afraid to ask for it. There is something so sexy about a guy who really just goes for it and doesn't bother mincing words. Direct, honest, and to the point make the best dates. Sure, I'll entertain the boys if they really insist upon having a date with me, but don't think I'll ever take you out again if you misbehave. Vegas escorts can be picky too, you know.  

The thing that really sets me apart is that I'm genuinely going to have a good time with you. Even if we have nothing in common I promise we will have endless things to talk about. I love meeting people and I am a great listener. I really know how to have a conversation and will ask all the right questions, if you want me to. If you want me to be your trophy girl and keep my mouth shut I am also very good at that, or at doing a combination of the two and only speaking when the moment is absolutely perfect. I am versatile and will make your date what you want it to be, guaranteed. Combine that with my body and how could you say no to a date with a girl like me?